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12 Kittens Were Saved By Good Samaritans After Being Left To Freeze

Some individuals simply have no moral compass. We commonly see stories concerning irresponsible people leaving animals on the street or in the wild just because they don’t wish to look after them anymore. However, we’ve never ever seen something so vicious as caging 12 kitties as well as leaving them to die in the freezing chilly exterior.

That’s what a passer-by found while on a stroll in a snow mound in Campbell Nation, Virginia. Upon checking the cage very closely, she was stunned to find 12 poor kittens in it, calling the Buddies of Campbell Area Animal Control agents as soon as possible.

When the agents reached the scene, it was heartbreaking. The kittens were laying entrapped in the cage in the snow in the middle of no place. They’re lucky the lady opted for a stroll, or they might have been dead in a matter of hrs. As soon as they were offered a shelter, the first thing the personnel did was to heat them up with coverings and take them to the vet. Luckily, they’re all healthy and balanced although a bit malnourished, yet food isn’t most likely to be an issue any longer.

As soon as they’re healthy, they’ll be set up for fostering. Nobody deserves such a destiny, and we’re glad these kitties were saved.

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