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+6 Photos Of Belarus – The Cute Cross-Eyed Cat Who Just Loves The Camera

Calling all cat enthusiasts– if you do not know Belarus the cat, be prepared to get familiar with!

Belarus, that resides in San Francisco, has won the hearts of thousands of individuals on Instagram.

The social media star even found his for life home through the photo-sharing application.

‘He’s just the outright sweetest,’ Rachel states ‘He’s unbelievably mild and also mindful while walking around the house.

When I adopted him, he was around a years of age as well as was still quite lively and kitten-like. As he’s grown older, he’s ended up being a significant cuddler. He’s very interested and also interactive. He constantly wants to know what’s going on around your house.’

The reason for the pet cat’s googly looking eyes is a vision condition called strabismus, which stops the eyes from straightening at the same time. ALSO KNOWN AS– being cross-eyed.

‘He’s quite funny in his typical life, which is just how we get many wonderful images and also video clips to upload. He dislikes the smell of tea or coffee and also will try to “hide” any kind of mug containing it.’

Rachel is forever grateful for all the love that people reveal Belarus online.

‘People have also been inspired to adopt and have started to volunteer or donate to their local shelter.’

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