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Big Puppy Appears At The Front Door Of A S4d And L0nely Window And Changes Her Life

When you’ve spent over nine decades on the planet, you’ve gone through a lot of experiences. You’ve probably lived somewhere other than where you grew up. Maybe you had kids, and got to watch their kids have kids! You’ve most likely celebrated countless birthdays of your own and of others. You certainly saw the world change for better and worse.

And, as many beautiful things that have unfolded in your life, unfortunately, on the flip side of the coin, there are the same amount of heartbreaking things that we go through as we get older.

Sally Rewehooeern moved from her hometown in Holland in 1953 to the United States where she raised a family of four with her husband. It was a happy time for her, a good life but as children do, they grew up and moved to different parts of the country. Sally’s husband also died in 1990, and she’s been living alone ever since.

It was when new neighbors moved in just down the street that Sally’s life started to become a little less lonely. Having lived in the same house by herself for over three decades, the 92-year-old lives a very quiet life. From Mount Vernon, Washington, the neighbors brought with them a new member of their family, too. Having just experienced the recent loss of their beloved senior dog Blizzard, they got a brand new St. Bernard named Brody who they love and who loves them right back!

But, 15-week-old Brody also really loves Sally. Brody wandered off one day and found his way onto the senior’s front porch. Imagine her surprise when she opened the front door to see a fuzzy, snuggly puppy with big eyes and a wagging tail on her doorstep.

Having grown up on a farm in her homeland, Sally is used to spending time with animals, so it’s no surprise that she and Brody became instant friends. Brody loves to follow Sally around with whatever she’s doing. The big ball of fur adores watching her and follows her around the yard when Sally is in her garden. He also follows her to the mailbox and hops into her car. It’s obvious to see that the dog has brought joy back into the woman’s heart and the neighbors don’t mind sharing Brody at all! Sally is happier and more active than she’s been in years, thanks to this floppy, loveable dog.

Click the video below to watch this cute clip of the two playing around with little brother Lulu.

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