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Blind Kitten Non-Stop Hugs Her New Dad

Some cats never find a caring home. Others have extra luck, as well as some are straight-out thankful for it. That’s certainly held true of a blind kitty located in Cape Town, South Africa, that was found on the street in 2014.

She was a single kitten generated by an animal rescue organization. They assume her mama was eliminated and also the inadequate blind feline was left alone. Despite the noticeable negative aspect, June the kitty acts like any other feline. Her blindness doesn’t quit her from running at full speed around her new residence.

After investing numerous months with her foster mama Holly, June was adopted by a kind owner. The wonderful feline’s tale was published on the organization’s Facebook web page and also got a lot of likes.

June’s article was seen by Andrew Duff that made a decision to get the cat today. He phoned the shelter and was promptly attracted to June.

And what did she do? She embraced her brand-new father right away. June was obviously happy to discover a new loving home. We just really hope all kittens left on the street have the exact same fate.

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