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Kitten Born With 2 Faces Defies All Odds, Finds Perfect Person To Care For Her

Duo the kitten is absolutely lovable, but she looks different from other kittycats.

She was born with an uncommon problem called diprosopus, or craniofacial duplication, which has actually left her with one head, 2 mouths, two noses and four eyes.

What’s interesting is that both of her mouths can eat and meow independently, and both of her noses are fully practical.

When Duo was birthed, her mama declined her considering that she looked different than the rest of the litter and also declined to nurse her.

Luckily, the two-faced kitty has located a long-term home in The golden state with veterinarian Dr. Ralph Tran, who has been providing her the best of treatment.

She even has brand-new feline brother or sisters who she gets on wonderful with and who have actually been revealing her the ropes.

Duo might have 2 faces, yet she is just like any other kitten. She loves to play and is a very delighted little kitten that loves life.

She has actually defied all chances as well as is continuously expanding more powerful each day.

Dr. Tran has actually because made a Facebook page called Duo the two-faced cat so that every person can follow little Duo’s progression and also adventures.

The current update of Duo, that is now 4 months old, claims that she has actually gained a lot of weight and also has actually made significant progression.

She is now able to eat on her very own easily and enjoys having fun and also cuddling with her two feline bros, Tiny Tuna as well as Dobby.

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