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Meet the Cat with the Fluffiest Cheeks Ever

Who doesn’t like seeing fluffy cats? It’s even better if they’re chubby too. An image like that can make our day and also everyone that has a look at it. If you require to see one now, Fen comes to the rescue.

He’s a rare Unique Shorthair pet cat that’s swayed the Net in just a few days. The pet cat comes from Shanghai as well as has the chubbiest cheeks we have actually ever before seen on a feline.

We do not know why his cheeks are so huge, yet we enjoy them. Of course, the Net enjoyed them too as quickly as Fen Fen’s owner shared photos of the feline online.

While he certainly looks cute, feline weight problems is a huge problem that can lead to a host of health problems. It’s been linked to diabetes mellitus as well as premature death in pet cats, and also we wish that his owner recognizes that.

However that does not diminish the truth that he’s adorable. We simply can’t stop looking at those fluffy as well as chubby cheeks. Can you?

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