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Orphan Kitten Sneaks Into Nest Of Baby Kittens And Insists On Joining Their Family

A young orphaned kitten snuck into a nest of baby kittens and decided he would be part of their family.

Bella, who is an animal lover who regularly rescues and fosters animals, came across an orphaned kitten one day in need of a rescue.

Bella put the poor guy in a box and gave him something to eat, as expected he wolfed it down.

She took him to the vet to get cleaned and a check-up, and thankfully other than being famished, he was healthy. She named him Dani.

He then joined the other kittens in Bella’s house, a mother cat had recently given birth so Dani had some other kittens his age he could hang out with.

He could see the cat family hanging out in a large crate and was clearly intrigued by them, but didn’t approach them.

“I was pretty surprised. He was always very cute, but I never thought he would be that precious,” said Bella.

Dani kept going back to the kitten nest to snuggle with the babies, he fit it perfectly and the mother cat didn’t mind welcoming him into the family.

“He continued to sneak naps with those little kittens and even joined them for nursing on the mom. Fortunately, the mother cat treated him as her own and groomed him and cared for him,” said Bella.

Dani would even happily babysit whenever the mother cat needed a break. He was even there when the kittens first opened their eyes and took their first steps.

Dani’s come such a long way from being a lonely starving kitten on the street.

He has blossomed into a wonderful cat and loves his new life!

Thank you to Bella, we need more people like you in this world!

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