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Rescued puma can’t be released into w1ld so he lives as a spoiled house cat

Have you ever before questioned what it ‘d be like to deal with … a puma that thinks it’s a residence feline?

Messi the puma cat, named after the well-known Argentine footballer, deals with its adopt1ve parents Aleksandr as well as Mariya Dmitriev in their apartment in Penza, Russia, given that 2016. Messi is living the life that all of us imagine about: the life of a ruined family pet cat.

Messi “the big exotic cat, not the talented and also celebrated professional footballer” was offered to a petting zoo in Penza when he was just three months old. He was smaller than normal. He had health and wellness issues. He couldn’t live in a zoo. Nor can he reside in a wild animals haven. As well as cuddling zoo staff were considering placing the wild feline to rest. That’s when Aleksandr and also Mariya appeared to save the gentle feline.


Messi lives with Aleksandr and also Mariya Dmitriev


Though Messi’s referred to as their kitten, maintaining it is a lot more like taking care of a doggo than a catto. For example, it had to be educated at a pet dog training center. What’s even more, Messi currently understands around 10 commands ‘though we doubt he can rack up a goal’! The Dmitrievs take their puma on walks ‘envision what their neighbors’ responses are like’, feed it raw beef, chicken, and turkey, as well as wash it in the bathtub.

Pumas are charming as little kittycat’s as well as are very easy to raise, just as the lynx, and love to play …

When Messi arrived on the web, great deals of people loved just how the Dmitrievs cared for him. However, there were some critics. They advised the couple to send out the puma to a wild animals sanctuary. However Aleksandr and also Mariya state that Messi couldn’t make it through in the wild. It should likewise be kept in mind that the couple do not, as a matter of fact, encourage any individual to domesticate pumas and also other big cats: Messi is an exemption since he is extremely gentle, tranquil, and also sickly.

But This feline must remain in a haven not a one bedroom apartment or condo.


This particular puma is unbelievably mild and also tranquil


Our cuddlesome Messi is known all over the media as a puma. However did you recognize that pumas are likewise understood by a whole lot of various other names? Consisting of cougars, red tigers, and also mountain lions. But a puma isn’t sufficient for the Dmitrievs– they have strategies to take on a leopard. Since Messi requires a close friend.


May we recommend naming it Ronaldo?

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