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Thai Navy Officer Rescues Four Cats From A Sinking Boat

Four really lucky ginger kitties have consumed one of their nine lives after enduring a dreadful accident.

Previously in the week, Thai navy seafarers came to their aid after it was found they had actually been left onboard a sinking ship that had caught fire.

When the ship had tipped over, the crew were safely saved and had been taken to safety, however there were still a couple of furry crew members that had been left.

As the navy officers looked closer to check the sunken ship for potential oil leak, they quickly realized there were still the four cats seeking rescue.

As Top-notch Petty Policeman, Wichit Pukdeelon of the navy’s air as well as seaside protection division mentioned to US News, “I used my video camera to zoom in to the watercraft, and I saw one or two felines popping their head out.”

The 4 cats were hanging on one of the wooden light beams of the downed watercraft.

One of the sailors swam out to the felines in a life vest and also handled to bring them all back to security by giving them a ride on his shoulders, maintaining them over the water’s surface.

The crew published concerning the rescue on their Facebook page, and it rapidly went viral. A number of the countless remarks left on the blog post lauded the navy crew’s activities in conserving the felines.

As for the rescued felines themselves, they got treatment by the crew who saved them– currently they go to the navy command post on the island of Koh Lipe.

See the video clip listed below:

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